Canada student visa

Canada student visa

Canada Student Visa

A Canada student visa is a type of temporary Canadian visa that is a temporary permit to live and study in the country. The visa, which is divided into two parts, the student visa and the Canadian student visa, and will give the student the opportunity to focus with the family (parents, spouse and children) and with a comfortable mind to study at different stages. .

The most important and, of course, the first condition for obtaining a Canada student visa is admission to study from a school, college, university or a higher education institution in this country; Therefore, you will be able to apply for a Canadian student visa after receiving a letter of acceptance or admission to a Canadian university or one of the country’s schools.


Duration of a Canada student visa

According to the official website of the Canadian Embassy, ​​the duration of the Canada student visa (excluding the time required for fingerprinting) for Iranian applicants will be about 11 weeks. In fact, the Canadian embassy will take about 3 months to process your student visa application, taking into account the time required for biometrics (fingerprinting). Of course, this time is subject to the fact that all the applicant’s documents, such as the letter of Permit or his academic admission, are ready and there is no need to return the file and complete it. The more obsessive and careful you are in completing the paperwork and applying the criteria for applying for a student visa, the shorter your student visa will be and the better your chances of success.


Canada Student Visa validity period

Once the Canadian Immigration Service approves the applicant’s application, a temporary visa will be issued to the applicant, which will be issued as soon as the person enters Canada. The validity of a Canadian student visa varies depending on the applicant’s degree and field of study and will usually be valid until the end of the course.

For example, if an applicant for an undergraduate degree from one of the universities approved by the Canadian Immigration Service has a student visa, he / she will be issued a 4-year student visa. Of course, it is also possible to extend the validity of a Canadian student visa or convert a student visa to a work visa, subject to certain conditions.