Canadian Student Visa

Canadian Student Visa

Canadian student visa revision

A Canadian student visa must be revoked after your visa has been rejected. To apply for a Canadian student visa, you need to know why and for what reason you were rejected.

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If your student visa application is rejected for any reason, you must carefully read the visa rejection letter and if you do not have the necessary ability to determine the reason for the rejection, consult a lawyer to find out the reason or reasons for the rejection. Understand. (We at Taghavi Law PC are waiting for your call to provide immigration counseling services to Canada to obtain a Canadian student visa, please contact us)

This will help you to be able to submit your application with stronger documents if you have the next application for a Canadian visa. However, if the reasons for the visa refusal are not convincing to you, you will have the opportunity to challenge the outcome of your rejected visa application. A Canadian visa application is only valid for a certain period of time and you must act promptly.

After rejecting your Canadian visa application, you have three main options:

  • Appeals
  • Reconsideration
  • Re-applying


You can object to the rejection of your visa

Upon receipt of your Canada Visa Rejection Letter and notice of the reasons provided (be sure to contact us to review your Rejection Letter), you may, if you wish, send a free technical letter to protest the Canadian Embassy’s decision and request a review. Return your file. However, under new Canadian government and embassy regulations, letters of objection to Canadian visa rejection will no longer be processed by Iranian applicants, and individuals will have to reapply for a new visa application to review and assess the causes of visa rejection. (We suggest that you plan any action in advance and consult with a Canadian Immigration Lawyer and Adviser, such as Ms. Taghavi and their Canadian Immigration Institute)

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