Business Law

Incorporating a Business/Starting a Business

Thinking of incorporating or starting a new business? Our team determine the type of business entity that best matches your needs to operate your business. Business entities that you might choose to operate your business include:

  • incorporated corporations,
  • partnerships, limited liability partnerships,
  • joint ventures,
  • and sole proprietorships.

Corporation Minute book

By law every corporation is required to have a minute book which contains the following:

  • the Articles of Incorporation;
  • the corporate by-laws, and the resolutions of the directors and shareholders;
  • the initial resolutions set out the names of the directors, shareholders, president and more;
  • and more information such as corporation’s address, accountant, lawyer

Our firm create and maintain a minute book for your corporation.

Licenses and Permits

After the legal structure of your business is determined and created, we can help you apply for the required licenses and permits your business. Also, we our services include registration with CRA fore required tax accounts for a business.

Shareholder Agreements

After registering a corporation, a shareholder agreement to set out the rights and responsibilities of each shareholder, and the process governing disputes between shareholders and other important clauses needs to be drafted and signed between the shareholders.